A survey conducted by the Real Estate Center at Texas A & M University outlines a number of advertising techniques used to attract buyers and the effectiveness of each technique.  Rated on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being not effective at all and 5 being very effective.
As you can see, the yard sign stands out as being a very effective tool and our signs stand above them all!  No, we can't just pull one out of the trunk and put it up but then again, we

have never been mistaken for a siding company!  About 80% of our buyers are your neighbors in the area who drive by everyday and those signs grab their attention.  Keep on clicking to learn about other marketing we do such as:
MLS and Internet,

Relocation and Referrals,

Features ads, flyers, homes magazines, classified ads, newsletters & seminars,
Radio programs,

Open houses and other tools we use!