How can you be sure I'll get top dollar when you sell my house?

    A home is often the greatest financial asset a family owns.  When contracted to sell such a valuable asset, I take the task with a sense of great responsibility.
    As a professional Realtor® it is my responsibility to provide the best possible service.  This requires knowledge gained through education and experience.  The following are basic areas of knowledge and experience I bring when serving your real estate needs:
1.  KNOWLEDGE OF THE COMMUNITY:  It is important to know the various areas within the community I serve.  This includes tax rates, zoning ordinances, past and future developments.  It also includes information about parks, recreation, fire protection, health facilities, churches, banks, library and local government.  Such information helps me to best service people who want to sell their home because I am also selling a location. 
2.  KNOWLEDGE OF PROPERTY VALUES:  With information on property values in your area, we can review comparable properties that have recently sold or are on the market now and establish a fair market value for your home. 
3. KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT MAKES A SALEABLE HOUSE:  This knowledge is a two-edged sword.  It helps the seller prepare the property to get the highest possible price and also helps a potential buyer see all the features that will provide their family with comfortable living, low maintenance and a good potential resale.
4.  KNOWLEDGE OF THE PEOPLE:  When selling a house, the Realtor® uses several devices, computers, multiple listing services, cameras, phones and faxes but selling a house is not a mechanical procedure.  Real estate sales still involves people and negotiating skills.

I believe it is important to individually know the seller of the home and it is equally important that they know me.  If you are planning to sell your home soon-or in the distant future-please call so we can get aquainted!
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