We need more living space, storage space and would like a few features not found in our present home.  Would you be willing to discuss and compare options of either building, remodeling or purchasing another house?

It is wise to consider discussing these options with your professional Realtor®.  Doing major remodeling  to your present home may give you many of the extras you need but make it impossible to get your investment back when selling.  I can advise you of the impact your proposed remodeling will have on the market value of your home before you even start!  I know the market ,  resale values and what the buyers I work with everyday are looking for.  I offer my years of experience and knowledge to give my advice as a free service with no obligation on your part.  Taking the time to discuss the pros and cons could save you money in the long run!  Call me first!

LOCATION,  LOCATION,  LOCATION . .  Is house location important?

The ease or difficulty of selling a home depends on three factors-location, price and condition of the property.  The location is one variable you cannot control once you own the home.  You can always adjust the price and you can insure the property is in good condition.  If you are thinking of buying another home,  a highly desirable location will be most helpful if you want to resell the property.  Even in our smaller town of Princeton, location is still a big factor.  If you are new to the area, you may not be aware of the preferred locations, like our Park Avenue is just like the Monopoly game!  I offer my years of experience to help you look at all factors when choosing your new home - I work for YOU as a buyer!  Call me today!

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