If we have four or five months to sell our house, will we be assured of getting the full price?

Selling a house can be a demanding experience even with the best conditions.  To sell your house at the best possible price, avoid urgency whenever possible.  Your house is valuable and is a marketable asset.  You can receive the "fair market value" price for it if you allow enough time to reject unreasonably low offers.  Our average marketing time has been running  over six months, some of which is caused by overpricing.  To get the amount you deserve when selling your home, plan ahead.  You will have the luxury of making the best "debut" on the market and exposing your property favorable. 

I could save a great deal by marketing my home myself, why do I need a Realtor®? 

Most buyers responding to for sale by owners have already seen most of the properties offered through real estate agents and immediately discount your offering price by the commission you believe to be saving!  They are the "bargain hunters" often not as thoroughly qualified as the buyers I bring to your home.  You open yourself up to showing your home at all hours, possible lawsuits and other hazards that we are trained to protect our sellers from.  Commissions are open and negotiable, there is no price fixing.  In this area, however, with the discounted commissions offered, you may negotiate a fee for service 5% or less.  Most real estate agents are independent contractors, essentially, in business for ourselves-no HMO or 401K's!  We affiliate with an agency that coordinates office space, equipment, support and advertising.  As the "listing agent" for your home, I will perform services marketing your property for the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time.  Most likely, another agent will bring an offer that we will negotiate and I will split the commission with that office.  As an example, and average sale of $79,000 at  5% would be $3950.  The selling office would get 50% of that or $1975.  Most agents are on a 50% split so as your listing agent, I would receive $987.50 at the time of closing.  The fee that I get is reduced by income taxes about 30% as an independent contract.  The expenses of belonging to a Board of Realtors, monthly fees, expenses of auto, business cards, etc, are at least another 30% which leaves me with about $395.  I have usually worked several hours with you explaining things and servicing your listing and I work full time every day for an average of six months to get your home sold at the price you want.  I incur these expenses whether I sell a home that week or not just to stay in business.    So I think I offer you quite a deal for the money! We can work together to achieve the net dollars to meet your housing goals- call today!  (to top of page)