I guess I am a true kid at heart - these sites are really FUN!  Just click on the picture to go there. They are all rated "Kid Safe" but remember DO NOT click on any of the ads - ask Mom or Dad.  NEVER give anyone your name, phone number or address.  There's lots of places for safe fun, homework help and  things to do.  Also, there is a FANTASTIC place for kids to chat (even I love this place!).  Not only can you talk to friends but you can play games while you do it  (I like bouncing on the bed!).  You get to create your own "body" and win different things.  I could go on and on but this place is great.  You do need to load software so ask for a parents help.  One neat thing - you CANNOT use bad language in here - it will turn into flowers!  This chat room is monitored and safe and fun!  Click here for software:  Castle Infinity.  Here's another cute & safe place, NeoPets, also strict language controls.
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