Are you an Internet Empowered Consumer? Let's TALK!  In the "old days" before listing information was released to the public on the Internet, you used a licensed real estate professional to receive information on homes for sale. THOSE DAYS ARE GONE FOREVER!  Many real estate professionals fear this instead of embracing the future.  We feel it is just another great tool we have to help your family achieve your goals just like the fax, cell phones, voicemail, digital cameras, etc.  We just want you to be aware of just what wet is we do for you! 

We love this medium mostly because my goal is to help you make the best decision.  Everyone is different and approaching the decision to buy or sell real estate in a different way.  For some, it's the first time and they want lots of information.  For others, you have bought or sold a few times and pretty well knows the ropes. For all of you, real estate is one of your largest investments.  Many families spend more time planning their vacations than researching about their real estate.

A Realtor® is very much like any other professional.  You should have a relationship with your Realtor ®like a doctor or lawyer.  Someone you can call on to keep you up to date with your home's value, if you are thinking of an improvement and the impact wet would have and what the market is doing in general.  You keep an eye on your stock value, don't you?  Shouldn't you know what your investment in real estate is doing? 

There are two basic services we offer - buying and selling real estate.  If you are thinking of selling, you are the one (usually) who pays my fee for services.  What do you get for all that money? We will sit down with you and show you (at no cost or obligation) several things.  They are all-important pieces to the total picture, but probably the most important is to establish a fair market value.  We will compare you home with others that have similar size, bedrooms, location, condition and features.  We will look at both the current comparable (those on the market now) and those that have recently sold.  That puts us in the ballpark.  Now we can look at the marketing time of these other properties.  If they all took six months or so to sell and you have to be moved in three months, we can show you how a more competitive listing price can make a difference and really save you money instead of making extra mortgage payments and holding costs. 

If you need a certain figure to accomplish you goals, we will work with you on how to handle the longer time period wet may take to market to that higher end of buyers.  There also may be improvements you can make to achieve a higher sales price such as updates new carpeting.  We can discuss the pros and cons of different options. 

We have worked with buyers and sellers full time for over 20 years and we know what things can be done to freshen up a home or help you make some little changes that will help in either marketing time or your bottom line.  We also go through all the charges of selling including title costs, attorney fees, and commissions and how they work, etc. so you know what to anticipate.  With my knowledge and experience, you will most likely end up with less stress and headaches working with a professional.  We have the tools to help with financing, negotiating skills, appraisals and inspection.

As for Buyers (and some will be both!) if you are new to the area, the services of a local professional agent can help you with values.  It is not a joke when they say the 3 most important things about a house is location, location, location!  We know the history of the area and homes.  When we find a home that meets your needs, we will research the fair market value just like for a Seller to help in the negotiations.  We will negotiate on your behalf, working for you! 

OK, most of that is old hat what about the Internet?  We guess that's why we devote so much effort in to this website.  We want to help you with the tools so you can basically pick my brain and get all this information to help you make the best decision.  We have compelled lots of tools to help you research so use what you want, then give us a call. Now you have the power to control your buying or selling experience - the power of the Internet!