Negotiating is an important part of your agent's skills.  When dealing in real estate, especially when buying or selling your home, it's hard to get emotions out of the picture.

Your Realtor® is the unbiased  ambassador on your behalf taking in all the facts and circumstances.  A skilled negotiator will find creative ways to help all parties win, what we at GIRARD REALTY call a win-win-win situation. 

Knowledge of the market and experience in dealing with Buyers and Sellers gives an agent these skills, along with training.  If all parties are honest and sincere, a middle ground can usually be found with a little flexibility. 

It's not always about price - sometimes time is more important or other considerations.  Financing knowledge is also a key factor. In a transaction where we worked with a Buyer who accepted a reason but higher counter-offer to meet the Seller's goals AND the Buyer's monthly payment was LESS than it would have been at their original offer price using better financing options!  Now that's what we call win-win-win.  Negotiating will sometimes take us into the wee hours of the morning but that's a part of why you look for the best - let us show you how GIRARD REALTY works to help you achieve your goals.