Make the right move by starting with choosing the right agent.  Market research shows that the number one qualification people look for in a real estate agent is a friend or referral from a friend.  While it is a good thing to like your agent, there are some solid rules that apply when you want the best representation to protect your interests. 

The real estate industry has a very high turnover and lots of on-the-job training.  Always look for at least two years of experience.  You have a right to talk with the Managing Broker (which is a different license - there must be at least one broker in each office).  The Broker is ultimately responsible for their agents and is usually in charge of whatever training and support the agent receives.

Another problem in the industry is a large number of part time and recreational salespeople.  No matter how long they have been in the business, their lack of full-time commitment makes it impossible for them to keep up with the many changes in law, marketing and business practices that are occurring, especially today.

In the majority of states, the requirement for real estate licensing are substantially less than those for cutting hair.  And, unfortunately, many agent's real estate education ends with their pre-licensing education. 

Before you hire anyone to help you buy or sell a home, interview at least three agents and look at their credentials, experience, education and marketing plan.  You should feel comfortable that the agent you choose has what you need to accomplish your goals.

What a Buyer should expect the Realtor® to provide:

  • Determine housing needs

  • Help select location

  • Provide financing advice

  • Explain Technical Data

  • Know the current Marketplace

  • Be flexible in schedule