Thinking of a CHANGE?

If there's one thing you can count on, it's change!  Every few years, a family has changes that impact their housing situation.  Whether it's a move to another area or moving to make a room for the new computer, you can always call on your professional Realtor® for advice.  Recently, in our family, a son left for college and, of course, the next child wants a new room. In our process of rearranging, we did some things like painting and carpeting and talked about some future plans for more major renovations.  One of the things you should look at is how will these changes impact our home value and our equity?  Perhaps things like painting and carpeting may not improve your value, but will help shorten time on the market if you want to sell.  May times a family will undertake a major renovation which leads to redoing another area of the home.  Take a moment to call me before your contractor.  We can help save you money in many ways because every day we see what is most likely to increase the value of your home, even if you don't plan to sell for many years.  You do not want to invest in an improvement that will lessen the value of your home.  Also, there are some instances where an improvement would put your home value higher than what you can expect to market the home for should you ever want to.  That is totally your decision but I think you should take that into consideration.  It may be that you could upgrade to a larger home for less than the costs involved of the improvement! I can show you approximate costs and what is on the market now so you can make the best decision for your family.  And best of all, I do these services FREE! How can you beat that!