Thanksgiving is MY official holiday since I arrived smack dab on that date (a few years ago).  My mother, of course, says it was because she was so thankful to have a little girl.  Dad, however, says it's because I was a little turkey!  gobble, gobble.  What a perfect time of year for family and friend to gather together and share the fruits of the season and some great fellowship.  Here are some links to help you enjoy the day.
Coloring pages

Loads of enjoyable free resources like crafts, ideas for your dinner party, and online community to celebrate your fall holiday.  Don't forget to check out the games, wallpapers, screensavers and greetings.
recipes from Woman's Day

the wonderful Billy Bear Thanksgiving site!

Thanksgiving cards to send free.

Stories of the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving, turkeys to take home, holiday pictures for the kids to print and color, tasty holiday recipes and e-greeting cards to send your friends and family.

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