There is some controversy about having open houses.  Many people who attend open houses are either just professional lookers or curious and sellers.  Yes, sellers will often go to open houses to see how their home "measures up" before they list.  Then again, we have sold many homes from an open house. So, we maximize the positives and minimize the negatives.  Your agent will help you prepare your home to show it's best with lots of tips and insure the safety of your valuables.  In larger homes, we will staff the open house with more than one agent to insure your safety.  Then we concentrate on using the "lookers" to spread the word for you.  They may be just curious but, the appeal of the home and a little prompting just may lead us to a friend who is seriously looking to a purchase. Or at work tomorrow someone may mention they are thinking of a change in their home and that's the positive publicity we can generate.  The atmosphere at our opens is that of a party to generate excitement and fun.  The people who attend go away with a positive attitude and that will spread throughout the community.

Another important time in the marketing of your property is the agent tour.  Again your agent will help set the stage and prepare your home for the flurry of agents from all the local members of the MLS to tour.  We don't just market to buyers - we market to the other agents who are working with buyers who may fit as a buyer for your home.  These and all the other marketing strategies Girard Realty orchestrates for you work together to help you achieve your goals.