TIP OF THE WEEK:   Like any machine, your computer needs some maintenance.  It's like a little office, things have to be kept in their place or you can't find anything.  Most computers come with programs to do this for you and can be set to run automatically, if not check out Norton's programs.  First thing to do is "scandisk".  Before you run the thorough option, use your soft boot (control, alt, delete) and end task everything but explorer and be sure you have disabled any screensavers.  This will help the operation run faster.  Scandisk will look through everything in your computer and troubleshoot any problems automatically.  Then you need to run the disk defragmenter.  Think of your desk - you are working on a file and set it down, move it around, etc.  Defragging will look over your files and put them al in their proper place so they can be retrieved easier.  Running these two programs at least weekly will help your computer run more efficiently.  PLUGGER'S PICKS:  E-cards are such a great way to make someone's day special.  There are cards for every possible occasion and it takes just seconds to send.  One work of caution - know your friends computer status.  A friend who has an older computer will not appreciate you sending a fancy card with music and motion because it will most likely cause their computer to have problems and perhaps crash.  Here are some favorites:
Blue Mountain - the biggest selection anywhere, also a great source for holiday dates. 

Grace to you - beautiful cards to send anytime

Virtual Drawing - let the artist in you create your greeting

Blab gives you lots of reasons to send a card.

E-cards gives you and opportunity to donate to the World Wildlife Fund by sending free e-cards with beautiful photos and artwork.

Giggle Garden - laughter is medicine

Angel Eyes - very pretty cards

Fortune Cookie cards - fun with lots of catagories

E-Cards for children
        Another just for kids
All Time Favorites - Hallmark Greetings!

Spend $30 Get $10 at Hallmark.com