TIP OF THE WEEK:   So you have listened and placed your computer in an open, accessible place.  Now look at the distances and positioning that will make it comfortable and healthy (not too comfy - you don't want users to be there for extended periods!).  Some families will need to work out a rotating schedule for usage of a family computer keeping in mind homework, home office work, etc.  IMHO (in my humble opinion) it it not neccessary to get more computers - keep it a family thing.
Yes, I like to know what's going on in the world but the news isn't always when I have time to watch so I have my favorite places to get the news I want.  You can get most information online although some really push to purchase either an online version with more information or an actual paper version. If there is a subject you want more information on, many have links you can keep going deeper and deeper into your subject. 

Major local newspapers by state
- get the local flavor.
Magazine rack
- International newspapers and magazines
Magazine Index
- thousands of magazines listed by catagories
Wall Street Journal
- you get lots for free but heavy emphasis to pay for more.
Entertainment Weekly Online

TV Guide Online

People magazine

The National Enquirer Online

of course, CNN