TIP OF THE WEEK:   Goo goo does not mean gigabyte.  Should young children use the computer?  If you ask my child, he thinks he should have had a laptop before he could walk but I feel he never would have had a reason to walk and would still be sitting there playing games.  Like my mother always says, "everything in moderation".  It's easy to get hooked on computers whether child or adult.  I wouldn't recommend investing much into computer games for children.  Pick up stuff on sale or at tag sales and see what they do with you close supervision.  It is a good idea to get a youngster comfortable with a keyboard because it will definitely be a part of their adult life - no, wait, they will probably all be voice activated by then! (star Trek reality strikes!) Just have fun and let the kids be kids, K?
PLUGGER'S PICKS: There is no substitute for parents helping out with homework, that's prime quality time.  But I found after about middle school, I no longer had all the answers.  If you are like me, help your kids tune in for homework help at these great sites.  You can always reserve final editing rights, always a good chance to give your child a few attaboys and learn about what they are dealing with all day.
Study buddy
- great answers for lots of questions kids have - not just about homework!
Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary
- way more than just definitions!
- the source of flora and fauna
KidsClick! Web Search
- helps you find what you need to know.
Fact Monster
- a know it all you will like.
Discovery Channel for students
- Beware! it's easy to get sidetracked here.