TIP OF THE WEEK:   Keep your computer in an open area!  It should be no secret what someone is doing on the Internet.  If it is out in the open where the family is around, no one will be tempted to go places they shouldn't, and I am not just talking about the kids!  The Internet can be a marvelous resource when kept in it's place, it just takes a little effort to keep it there.  Barring a large research paper or report, a couple hours on the Internet per day should be a maximum.  When any member of the family starts speaking "chatese", using chatroom language instead of English, time to cut back a bit!  L8R (later)!

How about traveling the world on your computer?  Your family can have fun going to sites that have "live cams", video cameras that are on all the time for your viewing.  Some of these take a special "plug-ins" which can usually be downloaded from the site - may be too much for some older computers.  You can search for live cams but beware - some get really strange!  Better check them out carefully.  I loved the one they had from Mars hooked up to the Pathfinder but it is over now.  Another note:  learn how to figure out what time of day it is where you are going first - it may be too dark for the camera! Here are a few favorites:
Go on an African Safari
Visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris - it is even pretty at night!
Watch Shamu at Seaworld
Learn about the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem
Travel to Moscow!
See Kramfors, Sweden