TIP OF THE WEEK:   Flaming is using e-mail to insult or irritate - basically getting someone HOT!  If you use flames too often, you may even be banned from your service provider.  Remember, e-mail is not secure, others can access yours and quite easily find you.  Think of it as a postcard.  Be open to receive and choosy in what you send.  Coming next time: signatures for your e-mail.

  Kids are back at school and the weather is right for all kinds of sniffles and sneezes.  If you are home sick, maybe you will have a little time to look at the medical advice to help in your diagnosis or prevention. These sites do not replace your doctor (although some fear they will) but help you aid in diagnosis to communicate with your medical professional, research about medications you are taking, help with preventive measures and exercises and take a more active role in your own health care. 

Dr. C. Everett Koop -  good place to start

Mayo Health Oasis - latest health news, nutrition, exercise

WebMD  -  very personalized

American Medical Health Association Health Insight - create a family health history, explore an atlas of the body

Health Info - multifaceted information about medicines and medical conditions

Achoo!  an extensive directory of diseases & health organizations

Stanford MedWorld - fun as well as useful, DocTalk radio