TIP OF THE WEEK:   E-mail signatures are a nice thing to try - it will insert standard information onto any new e-mail you send so you can be sure that all your messages will have a return address. E-mail can be sent and received in either plain text  or html.  Some older computers or servers can only handle plain text - BTW, set your outgoing messages to plain text with a line length of 65 characters and your recipients will be happy!  That will get rid of those annoying little >'s appearing and the message should look that same as you sent it to all who receive.  Signatures can be added using your preferences (in Explorer - tools, options, signatures; in Navigator - edit, preferences, mail, identity, signature file).  You can create an html signature but not all may view it the same.  Using ASCII you can make little pictures like :) (a smiley face) or :0 (surprise).  There is even a newer toy I love where you can have a clown speak your words in an e-mail message!  It's only going to get more advanced folks.
Siglets - get some free signatures

Requires download and a little instruction but Live e-mail is fun!

So, keep in touch with friends and family with e-mail and have fun. Also, when you want to forward an e-mail you have received, PLEASE use "edit" "cut" and copy and send only the body of the message, not everyone's addresses!  That way the recipient doesn't have to keep opening messages. Be polite, remember the Golden Rule. Another tip-if an e-mail has an attachment that has .exe at the end, it could be a virus that will wreck havoc on your computer.  If the sender is not known to you, beware and backup!