TIP OF THE WEEK:   Yes, big brother IS watching! Most are trying to behave but many of the pages you visit may be collecting information about you whether you know it or not.  "Cookies" - tiny files left on your hard drive when you visit most sites. These files can track such details as the Web browser you use, your log-in name, your shopping preferences and which banner ads you've seen. Some cookies disappear after you leave the Web site that placed them. Most, however, remain on your hard drive indefinitely and update your record each time you visit the site that put them there. This dynamic profile is transmitted back to the merchant or the advertiser, where it's used to personalize your Web experience or aim ads or spam squarely at you.
  Check your computer - open your "search" or "find" from the start button and enter "cookie" and see what you can find.  THere are programs that delete cookies (with some very cute names such as cookie monster, etc) but I find they can delete some things I like.  The best thing is found at AdSubtract
which will let your have some control over them and stop pop-up adds and it's free.  BTW, most cannot take your e-mail address from you without your permission so remember if you give out your address you may open your computer up to lots of spam (see article #27).
All this talk has made me hungry!  Here are some great

cookie recipes:
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