TIP OF THE WEEK: You should know a few terms here and there. The CPU (central processing unit) is often called the brains of the computer. Speed of your CPU is measured in megahertz and my one gig CPU can crunch a billion cycles per second. A drive bay is a place inside the computer where you can add a disk drive. An external drive bay has an outside opening to accommodate removable drives such as zips or media drives.  RAM (random access memory) is your "desk" so to speak.  Also known as main memory, it is where the work goes on.  When you turn your computer off, the RAM is emptied out.  A hard drive is your computer's permanent storage, like a file cabinets where everything is put away and retrieved when needed.  It is OK if your hard drive hums but, like your car, funny noises can mean real trouble. The OS (operating system) is the main interface of your computer, the "windows" (pun intended) that help you see what's going on and control the operations.  Sometimes I wonder if I really am in control.  USB (universal serial bus) are all those connections, you probably have two of those for your printer and a scanner.  There are also parallel and serial ports for some peripherals (toys?) like cameras or the cool little gadget I have that enables my computer to turn on the coffee pot before I get up. A modem lets your computer use the phone and you actually can control that (unlike a teenage).  A floppy disk is usually a 3x5 plastic card that is almost getting obsolete, unless you need a boot disk. Technically a CD is a floppy disk.  In the old days, they really were quite floppy in fact you could probably say the first floppy was a little piece of paper that actually had to be punched, but that's another story. 
PLUGGER'S PICKS:  You finally found a great website and you "add to favorites" or "bookmark" it and then . . . oh the inevitable crash occurs.  You will never again find that site.  Here are some fun places that will hold them for you - no matter what, and they are free. You can even access them if you are at a friend's or hotel computer.
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