TIP OF THE WEEK:   I love popcorn but HATE those pesky pop-ups!  You are looking at a website you wish to read and POP! another window opens of it's own accord right in front of your face, then another, and before you know it there are a dozen open windows and you just closed the one that you really wanted to be at.  How depressing. Evidently we were not responding (or getting immune to) those flashing, moving fancy click me, click me ads all over so the talented people of Netscape created scripts imbedded into html that make these actions go on.  If you want to regain control of your windows using Netscape, click edit - Preferences - Advanced and uncheck the Enable JavaScript box.  Internet Explorer is different, click Tools - Internet Options - Security - Internet Zone then click the Custom level button at the bottom of the window.  Scroll all the way down to the Scripting section and change the active scripting item to either Disable or Prompt.  This will likely affect how some sites display in a browser because some the fancy flashing and action things use Javascript also but, life is full of tradeoffs.  Be prepared for screams from your teens if you do this - many of their favorite sites are full of Java.  PLUGGER'S PICKS: 
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Popcorn - healthy snacking

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