TIP OF THE WEEK:   As in real life, attachments can be a sticky problem.  You can attach files to your messages in most of the current email setups. This simply means you're able to send things like word processor documents, presentation slides, spreadsheets, or even webpages, attached to any message you create. The great thing about attachments is that you can store all those important documents that you get sent electronically, rather than on dusty shelves, and will be able to open them up and work on them. I am not the only one warning about opening attachments you receive in your e-mail.  In newer versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape News you have options to send your e-mail either as html or plain text.  If your recipient can receive html with their e-mail provider, it's best to use the "insert" instead of attachment.  If you must send an attachment, remember some basics:

keep it small (nothing over 100K).
keep it generic - your recipient must have the same program on their computer to open it. 
AOL will have problems

If there is something you want several people to see, why not whip up a website and just e-mail the link (url) to everyone.  Then they can see, hear and read about the new baby with no problems!  Also, if you see a neat website you want to let others know about, remember to e-mail them just the link, not the entire page by e-mail. eMessenger (formerly Hotsend) is a free program to help send attachments.
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