TIP OF THE WEEK:   So you have been exploring the Internet now and starting to get more and more e-mails from friends and others who you have no idea who they are, now is the time to read this carefully!  Sooner or later, you will receive e-mails that instruct you to FORWARD THIS TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS.  Most of you are good, decent folks who are touched or believe this is a good thing.  PLEASE help stop the nonsense.  First rule:  never, ever, ever, open an e-mail attachment that ends in .exe, ok?  An exe is a program that will wreck havoc and most likely crash your computer. Enough said!  Also, Bill Gates is not giving away money, there is no kidney theft ring, Neiman Marcus does not charge $200 for a cookie recipe and there is no gang plot to murder people that blink their headlights.  If you hear rumors of a new virus, check it out with the pros for the truth.  Some of these can really tug at your heartstrings but please understand why these get going.  Most originate from pornographic webmasters who concoct these stories to get them forwarded to as many people as possible.  When you just hit "forward" and send to friends, all of their e-mail addresses are included in the message.  Remember when I told you about e-mail being like a postcard?  A professional can pick them up and collect all these addresses for their mass e-mails they send to all of your friends, and their friends, etc.  You have been unknowingly used to collect valid addresses they can send their message to.  So, unless you want to be blamed for Aunt Mildred's heart attack when she receives an XXX rated e-mail, DO NOT FORWARD this stuff!  That reminds me of a funny joke: a guy has a business meeting in Florida and made plans for his wife to join him after a couple days to have some vacation time together.  Upon arrival, he sent an e-mail to her:  "arrived fine, very hot here, expecting you soon, love from your hubby".  Unfortunately, he got the address wrong and the message was opened by a woman who had just buried her husband!
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