HI GANG!  This is the place for the inside scoop.  Tips and links and I will put you any (DECENT) photo you send me with your correct nick identified for our "Rogues Gallery"!

Once you have downloaded "ccvzip.zip" you will need an unzip program to open it and it will install itself.  When done, open the program (you don't have to connect to Internet) from your start menu.  When you are inside CC you will see the first line says mIRC32 and the second line says FILE TOOLS DCC the third line has icons (symbols) where the second icon is General Options, click on it. A window will pop up called mIRC Options at the left side of this window click on connect.  On the right side of window, click on "ADD" a window called mIRC Add Server will come up.  In the first two lines type this:
ChristianChat.chatspace.com                    port:    7000                            group:    (leave blank)then click on ADD.  Fill in info (feel free to make it up!) then  click on CONNECT TO IRC Server.  Again in that third row, click the third icon "Channels Folder" type in "#moms"  (without the quotes!) and then click add.  That should get you back in the room with CC! Send me flowers! To get your nickname, type in this:  /nick WRITEYOURNAMEHERE  then enter

CallWave is a free program that will answer your phone when you are on the 'puter!  May need to get call waiting from phone company!.  Pretty kewl!

JUMBO - lots of free stuff!
Pick a bouquet!

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