If I want to buy a house, will I be asked a lot of personal, financial questions? 

The seller of a house wants assurance that a potential buyer will be able to get the needed financing to purchase the property.  It is an important step to determine at least a starting price range.  I also find it more difficult if you have been looking at higher priced homes and then found you needed to adjust lower, nothing looks quite as nice! 

Some people feel uneasy about discussing their finances but you should expect a good agent to be asking such financial questions as a part of doing their job professionally.  You should be prepared to volunteer certain information that indicates your ability to purchase a home in a certain price range.  The basic information I would need is:
how much equity or cash available for a down payment,
annual salary of buyer(s), monthly payments such as automobiles, installment loans,credit cards,
any credit problems you may be aware of and,
number in household.

Please remember, this information is strictly confidential!  I am only working to find the best financing and home for your specific needs.  Total confidence and trust is an essential ingredient in our mutual goal of doing what's best for your family.

When selling a house, why is there such an emphasis on measuring and recording the square footage?

The square footage is one of the first things potential buyers look at in determining whether to consider your property for purchase.  It also is a factor in determining the value of your home in comparison to other properties.  Size (square footage), location and condition are 3 highest things considered.  Making the most out of an excellent floorplan, which gives you the most for the square footage, is one of the ways I help in promoting your property for sale.  Call today to discuss how we make the most of every inch!

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