I understand how you feel, we all have to watch our budgets!  When you look at such a large purchase or sale, the commission looks like a large sum of money that perhaps you could save.  Before you venture in to buying or selling without the assistance of a qualified real estate profession, hear me out.

As a Seller, you should be aware that you are not competing in the same arena as those properties listed with a Realtor® through a Multiple Listing Service.  Those prospective purchasers looking at your home are already subtracting the save commission you want to save!  They have been to open houses and watch the market, searching for the best value.  Private sales average approximately 5% less than those on the open market.  You should also be aware that you, as a Seller, have increased liability since the passing of Senate bill 828 (public Act 88-111) effective October 1, 1994. 

Many Sellers think, "I will at least put in an ad and put out a sign and give it a shot.  If nothing happens, then I can list with someone."  And most do eventually list.  Bear in mind, however, that the first 30 days of a property on the market are the most crucial.  You can harm the property by presenting it to the public and that image takes longer to overcome with professional marketing.  As your Realtor®, I do extensive research to show you the best price range to enter the market with based upon past sales and the current market.

As a Buyer, you really have to remember "Buyer Beware" and rely totally on your own opinions of the market, location and others factors without the representation of a Realtor@. If you have a property to sell before you can buy, you could end up with some sticky negotiations.  Realtors® are trained and work with these situations everyday.  If you have had an unpleasant experience with a real estate agent, please remember, not all agents are the same.  At least give me the opportunity to show how I earn my commission.

If you still want to sell by owner, let me be of service to you.  I will give you free disclosure information you need plus a FREE page on this website
.  All I ask is that you allow me about 15 minutes in your home to gather information.  If I have a client that may be interested in purchasing your home, I will negotiate with the Purchaser paying my commission.

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