There are several local lenders in the Princeton area -  I will be happy to furnish you with information and be of any service I can.  Check out these that have websites:

Click here to apply online.  For questions, e-mail

Wells Fargo

Simplicity Mortgage  e-mail address


Citizens    e-mail address

We suggest you shop for your loan with as much care as your home.  There are a variety of loans with rates that are fixed or adjustable, balloons or fully amortized over 10 to 30, even longer terms.  The amount of down payment varies also, from 0% on up.  We can discuss these terms and options to find the one that fits your budget and plans best.  Having a loan commitment (not just a pre-qualification) can also help you negotiate the best possible purchase of your home.  Having tough times?  Check out "Getting Your Credit in Shape" (don't worry-the exercises are pretty easy!).

GIRARD REALTY has two agents certified by the Partnership for HomeOwnership Foundation is assist lower income families who have not owned a home in 3 years to gain access to affordable family homes at 5% mortgage rates with minimum down payments and closing costs.  Grants for $1500 towards closing costs are also available to qualifying borrowers.  Major repairs, such as roofing, electrical and furnace work can be financed into the loan sponsored by the Rural Guarantee Housing Initiative.