You know the old saying "look before you leap"?  Your Girard Realty professional can help you do that.  We can help you in the analyzing of your proposed move.  After compiling your personal Comparative Market Analysis, we will go through a net sheet to show you an estimation of the costs involved of selling such as recording fees, title insurance, transfer taxes, etc. and look at your true bottom line.  Then we can project that to the home you are considering as to amount of down payment, current interest and terms and take a look on paper to see if what you are dreaming of will be reality or a nightmare. 

If you are looking at relocating to another area, we suggest you take a look at the salary calculator
.  This is a handy tool for comparing your current salary and lifestyle here translated to another area and the costs of living there.  We also can contact a designated professional in that area who will give you all the information you need to make your decision.  Through the network of Certified Real Estate Brokerage (CRB), Certified Residential Specialists (CRS), Graduate Real Estate Institute (GRI), Employee Relocation Council (ERC) and our HMS refernet plus Internet referrals and numerous professionals we have worked with over the years, we can draw from hundreds of thousands of professionals to help you.  What do all those designations mean?  They represent years of additional study and commitment to a high degree of service for you. 

It's hard to believe all this is available to you at no cost or obligation.  We are committed to helping you achieve your goals!