Food is a big part of our life!  Due to age or whatever, we face some dietary restrictions so, whenever possible, we like to explore different cuisine that offers some variety and spice up our diets.  But, we live in a rural area where some of these rarer ingredients aren't always on the shelves of our wonderful local grocers!  Now our menu's are saved by the Internet.  Here we let you in on some of our favorites that will ship all kinds of exotic and gourmet foods at pretty good prices and a few of our favorites place to eat out.  WARNING!  Don't go surfing through these sites on an empty stomach!  They will make your mouth water.

Some of my favorite recipe spots.  The first one lets you choose what you have then gives you ideas - love it!
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World's Smartest Cookbook - where the recipes are!
Top Secret recipes from great resteraunts
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